A dance performance from the Weyburn Fire Brigade's annual Ladies Night last Saturday saw some more funds raised for the Isaiah Evans Fund. 

“Chantel Cooke actually helped the guys who were willing to take part in the dance,” said event coordinator Katelyn Gateman. “She helped coordinate a bit of a routine for them.”

While numbers are still being totaled for the Ladies Night, which raised funds for a new fire training facility, the money for Isaiah was garnered by the singular performance.

“It is something that we try and do each year, and then each year during that performance, we choose a certain cause for a fundraiser to donate any proceeds that are raised during that performance. So this year we chose to donate to Isaiah Evans and their fundraising goal,” she  shared.

The firefighters not only performed a choreographed dance, they did so in 'banger' wigs, in light with the evening's theme, 'Banger Bingo', where guests could dress as their favourite genre of music. 

“We did state ahead of time what the money would be going towards, just an effort to try and accumulate some more interest in donating towards it, and then we put out fire boots just at the front of the stage while the performance was happening, so anybody who was wanting to contribute was able to just walk up and throw their donation in one of the boots.”

In all, they raised $1078, and the funds were presented at the Fire Hall on Thursday to seven-year-old Isaiah, who happens to love fire trucks.

“Isaiah and his family came down to the Fire Hall yesterday so that we could present the money to him and also have an opportunity to check out the fire trucks and they took a bunch of pictures, sat inside the fire trucks,” shared Gateman. “I think he and his sister both had quite a bit of fun doing that, so it was really fun to see. He's definitely got an interest in fire trucks for sure. So I think it was really fun to have them come down and just check things out.”


The Isaiah Evans Fund has a $100,000 goal to purchase a custom medical van to accommodate Isaiah's numerous medical conditions, which require hands-on care even while en route for short periods of time. Read more HERE.

Gateman shared why they helped out Isaiah.

“It's definitely kind of a unique situation that they are in, and so whatever we can do to try and help that out and try and provide some extra supports to get what he needs in place. I think it's a win win for everybody.”

See photos from the 2023 Ladies Night HERE.