The Weyburn Fire Department extinguished a small fire on the roof of the Free Methodist Church on the weekend.  

Crews were dispatched due to visible smoke at the church at 8:40 a.m. on Saturday. On arrival they saw smoke coming from the attic of the structure on the south side. 

“There was no smoke on the main level of the structure,” said Weyburn Fire Chief Trent Lee. “They started attacking the fire that was visible through the eaves of the structure, and gained access into the attic of the structure where they suppressed the fire.” 

Lee said a couple was on a morning walk when they noticed the smoke. They flagged someone down who called the fire department.  

“It's well appreciated, even if it turns out to be a false alarm anytime somebody sees something that is out of the norm or suspicious, they should definitely call it in and let the responding parties investigate and find out whether or not it is indeed a call or other circumstances.” 

The church was able to hold its service the next morning.  

“Crews did a fantastic job suppressing the fire with minimal water and minimal damage to the structure,” Lee said. “The fire was contained to the attic, so there will be some water damage within the structure due to fire suppression activities, but it was very minimal as to the size of the building and the area that the firefighters were working in.” 

Lee said they can’t confirm whether or not it was caused by a lightning strike, but there are no suspicious circumstances involved. 

Fire at the Free Methodist Church on Saturday.