The Weyburn Golf Club held its Annual General Meeting yesterday evening at the Clubhouse Restaurant.  

Four board positions were up for election, and four incumbent members were seeking re-election: Marc Henderson, Tyler Hollar, Jim Linnell, and Dustin Murray. They were all re-elected.  

The statement of cash flows showed a decrease in cash of $194,862, with a balance of $56,721 at the end of the year.  

One topic that was mentioned was the new irrigation system at the golf course. The infrastructure project for the renewal of 65 percent of the course began last year and was in the works for around 15 years.  

“It floundered because of financials,” said club president Jim Linnell. “It was not necessarily a do or die, but when we talk about the greenskeeper approach, the greenskeeper is supposed to look after the grass on the ground, not necessarily under the ground. When you donate perhaps 1,200 to 1,400 hours a year to repairing a system instead of working on the grounds themselves, it takes a big dent out of what you can offer up.” 

Linnell added he is excited about this year. 

“We've got some really good growth happening, we don't have any winterkill per se. We have lots of green around the course. The course is playable in the shape that it's in right now. I think we’re the only one in the area that’s open and we're fully prepared to accept whatever goes on.” 

President of the Ladies Club, Jordan Szczecinski gave the Ladies Club Report. She said they are looking for board members.  

“We've done a lot of revamping to the club. We've looked at more events, we’re looking to increase registration at lady’s night, at tournaments, and creating a little bit more of a learn to play atmosphere,” she said. “We acknowledge that golf can sometimes be very intimidating to pick up at any age, so we're really just trying to focus on the fact that golf is for everybody.” 

Some upcoming events for the Weyburn Golf Club include Laugh Your Grass Off, and the 2022 Oil Show Golf Tournament at the end of the month. You can find the events calendar here.