A full board was elected during last night's annual general meeting for the Weyburn Humane Society.

"We had a really good term, even better than what we were expecting. A lot of new faces and a lot of great ideas that came out of it," shared newly-elected president Randy Bakaluk.

He said there were four original members of the board and all the other positions were filled by new people. 

Other members of the executive include Beverly Paul as the new Vice President, Joel Johnson as the new Treasurer, and Lisa Webb as the new Secretary.

Members at large include Collette Bisaillon, Sandy Johnson, John Nolin, Janice Carson, Gail Paxman, Korryn Kubashek, and Vanessa Lucyk.

"We are definitely going to be moving ahead with working towards new shelter," noted Bakaluk, adding that their Fundraising Chair is none other than Korryn Kubashek, who has been on the Communithon Committee for a number of years, and served as Chair for the past two years.

"Korryn has a lot of experience in the past with fundraising things, as she was with the Communithon, so we're pretty good and pretty optimistic."

Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice reported that during their last fiscal year they took in 420 animals, with 333 being adopted. As of the end of the fiscal year September 30th, they had eight dogs and 79 cats and kittens.

The animal shelter's longest resident, Izzy, returns tomorrow from foster care, where she spent her first birthday. 

"She came in as a puppy found in a dump and is still here," noted Morrice. 

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