The Weyburn Humane Society received a $10,000 grant from the Weyburn Credit Union on Tuesday evening. 

This was part of the $59,435 in community fund grants the Weyburn Credit Union gave away at its Community Reconnect and Celebrate event. 

Colleen Morrice, Shelter Manager at the Humane Society said the money will go towards new fencing. 

“Our fences right now have a lot of holes in them, but they’ve been here since 1994 so it is definitely time for an upgrade,” said Morrice. “We will be doing some more fundraising because we do need another $10,000 to build these $20,000 fences.” 

Eventually, Morrice wants a new building for the Humane Society. 

“Currently, we have to upgrade what we have,” said Morrice. “Eventually, we hope to have a new building, but right now my focus is on making it comfortable for all the animals we have here.”   

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Photo courtesy of the Weyburn Humane Society Facebook pagePhoto courtesy of the Weyburn Humane Society Facebook page