While the world knew him as Bob Johnson from Sesame Street, most in our province knew him as his true identity, Bob McGrath, the original on-air talent from the TeleMiracle telethon. 

McGrath, who retired from TeleMiracle in 2015. passed away Sunday at the age of 90.

Jake Porter, a member of the Weyburn Kin Club, said he was able to meet McGrath a couple of times. 

"I've been involved in the planning stages and the Executive committee, and I was fortunate to meet Bob several times just to say hi, and shake his hand, and just like everybody says on the radio or anybody that has ever met him before, he is one of the nicest people that you'll ever meet, and it was a pleasure to get to meet him a couple of times."

He noted that McGrath, who was one of the 'main names' for the big event each year since it began in 1977, was a large contributor to its success.

"We are so glad to have him for all the years he worked on it with us," he added.