Weyburn Lacrosse is once again selling Sidewalk Ice Melter as their winter fundraiser. If you have a slick spot on your sidewalk, entry or driveway the youth of Weyburn Lacrosse will deliver pails to your door. Charles Hignett, Field Coordinator with Weyburn Lacrosse Association shares, “We are selling Bear Tracker Sidewalk Ice Melter again this year, 16kg pails for $30.00. The Ice Melter is a great product, it’s pet friendly and concrete friendly.” 

Aside from those two benefits, it is also high visibility blue color, long-lasting and safe near vegetation. The Weyburn Lacrosse is fully stocked with pails and taking orders now for Ice Melter deliveries. “You can contact Weyburn Lacrosse on Facebook or Instagram, you can email for a drop off at equipment@weyburnlax.ca,” shares Hignett.