For kids growing up wanting to be an actor, many dream of working in Hollywood, and that dream has turned into a reality for Weyburn native Trenna Keating. 

The Mysterious Benedict Society is now airing its second season on Disney Plus.  Keating has played in numerous episodes of the Emmy award-winning series as Dr. Garrison.    

The series stars Tony Hale as Mr. Benedict who also plays Benedict’s evil twin brother, Mr. Curtain. Keating described Dr. Garrison as sort of a sidekick to Mr. Curtain, and kind of the brains behind the business. 

“I started this show in Vancouver at the beginning of the pandemic, so it started out being a show that was shot in Canada and then they took season 2 down to Los Angeles, so I got to go down there,” explained Keating. “That was exciting to say that my childhood dream came true in a little way.” 

Trenna Keating as Dr. Garrison Trenna Keating opposite Tony Hale on Disney + series, Mysterious Benedict Society

Keating’s work clearly speaks for itself, she worked on four or five episodes in season one.  The production team happy with her performance had her back for two more episodes in season 2, certainly no small feat to accomplish.  However, her connection with the production team on the Disney series stems back to some of her earlier acting days. 

“One of the producers of the show is somebody who worked with me on ‘Defiance’ actually a couple worked with me on ‘Defiance’, so I was thrilled to be asked to come on this show with them, because I am very fond of them and they always write such great things, great characters, so that was the connection for me getting seen for this show,” shared Keating. 

Trenna Keating as Dr. GarrisonTrenna Keating as Dr. Garrison on Disney + series, Mysterious Benedict Society

We asked Keating if we will see Dr. Garrison in Season 3. 

“Hopefully it keeps going, it’s based on books, they’ve done two seasons, hopefully there’s more to come,” shared Keating. 

While we aren’t sure if Dr. Garrison will be back for Season 3, Keating continues to make acting waves playing in a new limited series called ‘Pain Killer’ which is due to start streaming on Netflix in January 2023. The series is about the origin of the opioid crisis starring Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black) and Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Daybreak). 

Keating films most of her work in Canada as a vast number of Hollywood productions are shot in the Great White North.  Discover Weyburn looks forward to continuing to follow her on her impressive acting career.