Weyburn Oilwomen (WOW) expanded its community support and initiatives in 2022 and is looking to grow its support in 2023. 

Katelyn Gateman, Chair of the organization recaps some of the highlights in 2022. 

“We started off the year actually in January with the introduction of the Sled Shed, we had applied for a grant that we received some funds to help get that going, and it's been very well received throughout the community, so we just brought it back again. We’re super happy to have that in place,” said Gateman. 

The Sled Shed has been a huge success in providing a recreational outlet and creating community connections, but Weyburn’s Oilwomen also focuses on advancing education and helping teachers in the classroom with their ‘Clear the List Initiative’. 

“In the summer, we did a clear the list initiative, which we've done for a few years now, where we teachers throughout Weyburn and others submit their wish lists, or somebody submits it on their behalf. They submit an Amazon wish list, and we work amongst ourselves and then with the community as well to try and clear as many items off those lists as we can,” explained Gateman. 

Other highlights throughout 2022 include their annual golf tournament held in June, Patio Planter Event, a Canoe and Kayak Club night held at Nickle Lake, some work with the Gifted Art Market, and an evening of entertainment with the Dueling Pianos. 

Gateman shared they have a new project in the works for January which they are looking to announce in the next couple of weeks. 

In addition to greater community reach, WOW has recently expanded its board from nine to 15 members. 

“We did a bit of recruiting in September, and we're really excited to have a full board now of 15 people. Obviously, the more people we have, the more ideas we have, the more help we have as a group, and we can just all come together to, essentially, make a bigger impact.” 

Always looking to help, Gateman expressed that WOW wants everyone in the community to know applications for donations and sponsorship are available, for more details you can go to its website here

Memberships are also available; the annual fee is $40 and guarantees you early access to all WOW events and includes FREE or discounted pricing. 

To keep up-to-date with WOW events you can follow its Facebook page here