It was a startling incident in the early morning hours for one Weyburn resident last Thursday, when they were awoken by someone banging on their back door. The concerned resident called the Weyburn Police Service right away. 

“The officer showed up, and found the male was in a form of medical distress and very cold,” explained Corporal Ryan Cherniawsky. “Officers learned he was nowhere near his home. He was allowed to warm up in a police car waiting for EMS. EMS ended up coming and assessing the male and taking him for further treatment.” 

This incident can also serve as a reminder for residents, Cherniawsky added. 

“They should keep their homes secured by locking their doors at night,” the corporal said. “As you can imagine, this might have been a further surprise for the homeowner had the door been unlocked.” 

While there were no charges laid, the WPS is still looking into the matter.