While the Weyburn Police Service does at times deal with complaints about animals, it's usually just a barking dog or a loose cat.

It's certainly not often a cow trying to catch a baseball game or to visit Walmart. However, this real-life Far Side comic couldn't have been written better by Gary Larson himself. 

Members of the WPS helped to corral traffic one day last week after a cow had escaped from the Weyburn Livestock Exchange. 

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype said the cow even made it close to Highway 39.

“The officers had to kind of do a little bit of traffic control while the cow was making its way across or near the highway,” he noted.

“Other than that, it was just a little more of an unusual animal call. We don't often get cows on the loose in the city.”

VanDeSype said the AWOL bovine was reported to police after being seen in the area of Clark Park, a baseball diamond just east of the Weyburn Trailer Court.

The cow was headed toward Walmart and was spotted there and near Highway 39 before being herded by Livestock Exchange staff with the help of the WPS.