A man is now facing the charge of being unlawfully in a dwelling house after seeking shelter a second time in a Weyburn residence that was not his own.

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype with the Weyburn Police Service said the homeowner didn't know the man, but he had already once before had the help of police to remove him.

"This is a homeowner that stays at his residence in Weyburn periodically," he explained. "It's been a little chilly outside, so there was someone that didn't have warm accommodations that was looking for a warm place to sleep, so when the homeowner returned he found an individual sleeping in this residence."

VanDeSype said there was no physical altercation of any kind, and in fact, after the first incidence when he was found, he didn't want to press charges.

"He didn't want anything done," he noted. "He understands that this individual was looking for somewhere warm to sleep. The individual was not in there to steal or do any damage. So yeah, the owner had actually had police informed and involved, but only wanted the person spoken to." 

In this second incident, the man was charged with being unlawfully in a dwelling.