A semi truck parked on a service road west of Weyburn near Highway 39 last Thursday reported a hit and run to the Weyburn Police Service after being struck by another semi truck.

"We received a report from a semi driver who was actually sleeping inside of his semi during his rest period, and he called to report that another semi had just hit his parked semi," shared Corporal Riley Ross.

He said the driver of the moving vehicle continued driving on Highway 39, and by the time police arrived on the scene, they were unable to locate that semi.

"There was considerable damage to the semi that was parked," noted Ross. "So what we're doing as part of this investigation is speaking to witnesses who were in the area and who actually witnessed the collision. We're also looking through some dash cam footage as well as some footage from different businesses that were in the area."

Semi drivers, he pointed out, have specific rules for the amount of hours drivers can be on the road and the amount of hours they have to rest.

"When they do take that rest period they have to be parked legally in order to do that. This specific driver was parked legally at the time of the collision."