The Weyburn Police Service began last week dealing with a suspected drug overdose.

“There was a locked fence are that officers had to scale to gain access to the home," explained Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype. "The occupant that was with the individual had already administered some Narcan, officers administered more Narcan, and fortunately, the adult male regained consciousness and EMS attended. Provided care there and then transferred him to the Weyburn General Hospital for further care.”   

A young male is facing impaired driving charges after failing to stop at a stop sign and striking another vehicle. 

“There was a two-vehicle collision at the intersection," said VanDeSype. "One of the drivers was a young male showed signs of impairment, and was ultimately charged with impaired driving. The accident did have some minor injuries, but we understand that they are treated and released.” 

Officers also responded to a variety of other calls last week, including noise complaints and domestic disputes.