During the week of February 13th through to February 19th, the Weyburn Police Service (WPS) increased their presence in and around school zones.

This was in response to traffic safety concerns voiced from school officials and parents of students, such as illegal U-turns in the school zones and drivers disobeying stop signs on the school buses. 

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype with the WPS, said that there were people dropping off kids that were blocking crosswalks, which obstructs the view of oncoming traffic.

"They just expressed that they'd like a bit more presence out there, and so we're trying to hand out as many warnings as we can, but there comes a time that warnings turn into tickets."

WPS would also like to remind motorists that school buses are equipped with cameras, that can record vehicles and their license plates that pass by when the stop signs and flashing lights are activated on the bus. 

If a school bus is stopped with its flashing lights and stop sign activated, drivers approaching the bus from either direction must stop at leave five meters from the bus and not proceed until the lights and sign are de-activated.

VanDeSype said that bus drivers, "If they choose or they decide to, they can come down to the Police station and we can use those recordings to identify the motorists that violated the traffic law and subsequently they can be charged."

The fine for contravening this law under the Traffic Safety Act is $360.

VanDeSype added that they'd really like to encourage motorists in those areas to exercise caution, be aware and follow the traffic laws.