The Weyburn Police Service (WPS) saw their call volume down last week compared to previous years, with community involvement an integral component.

In all, WPS received 57 calls for service the week of December 26th through to New Year's day, which resulted in one Criminal Code charge, as well as one Traffic Safety Act charge.

On Wednesday, Police responded to a Break and Enter into a compound on Government Street, to which WPS Chief Jamie Blunden commented:

"...Members were able to determine that access had been gained by cutting the metal fence, and the screen fence that was there. We're unsure at this point if there was anything that was stolen from some of the trailers that were there. We're doing that investigation right now. But reality is, is someone went in there and purposely cut the fence to get into the compound. It appears that maybe snow machines were involved."

He added that if anyone has any information about the break-in, they would certainly like to hear from them.

On Friday, Police responded to a Theft that occurred at a business at City Centre Mall. Chief Blunden said:

"They knew the suspect that had actually stolen a piece of equipment there. That person left and fled the scene with respect to keeping the equipment with him. So, we went down and our Members were able to locate that individual and arrest him, in possession of that stolen property. He was subsequently released for court later on in February but ultimately, the owners and the employees of that business knew the individual and called us, so good on them."

On New Year's Eve, WPS was contacted by the Moose Jaw Police Service requesting assistance to investigate an in-custody death at their holding facility.

Chief Blunden said that, "What happens, is anytime there's an in-custody death, or there's a death while a Member's in-custody with an organization, we want to have an independent investigation into that. So, as a result of this one, we were contacted by Moose Jaw. We assigned a few of the officers involved and they're doing the investigation independent of Moose Jaw itself."

On New Year's Day in the early morning hours, a WPS Officer pulled a vehicle over in the vicinity of Third Street and Highway 39. 

"As a result of that traffic stop, an adult male exhibited the signs of being impaired. He was subsequently arrested at the scene for impaired driving. He was returned back to our station, transported in and where he was administered a breathalyzer, in which he failed twice. Ultimately, he was arrested for failing a breathalyzer. He subsequently was released for a court date down the road to answer to those two charges."

Chief Blunden expressed appreciation to the members of the community. He said a couple of calls last week involved members of the public calling the Police, and they were able to get involved with the investigations, which led to some positive results.

If anyone has information regarding one of these matters or any other criminal matter, they are encouraged to contact WPS at (306) 848-3250, the local RCMP at (306) 310-7267, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477