A man was arrested and charged under the Criminal Code of Canada last Tuesday for Uttering Threats after an in-person report was made to the Weyburn Police Service.

"They believed that these threats were real, and through our investigation, we determined that the threats were actually made and an individual, who was a family member, was charged with uttering threats," said Corporal Riley Ross.

He said police take uttering threats quite seriously, whether it is to cause death or bodily harm to someone. 

"Everyone who commits that offense, who, in any manner knowingly utters, conveys, or causes any person to receive that threat, anytime we receive an uttering threats complaint, we obviously investigate that to determine the validity of it, and if we find that the threat is a valid and real threat, then that person very well could be charged with uttering threats under the Criminal Code." 

Ross said there are maximum and minimum penalties under the Criminal Code, and jail time is a real possibility.

"They don't necessarily have to say exactly how they're going to cause harm, but if that person feels that threat of harm or death, they very well should report it to police, and we can investigate it, and determine whether charges are necessary or no charges are necessary, and maybe we just speak to that individual and talk to them about their words and their actions."

He said the charges are determined on a case-by-case basis.

"Depending on the investigation and the interviews that we take, and the evidence that we gather, whether there are grounds for a charge, or how the victim wants to proceed with that in regards to how the threats were made."