The Weyburn Public Library is changing some things back from how they've been over the past couple of years. Their loan periods are back to normal, which may have some impacts on how quickly patrons consume the materials they've borrowed.

"During COVID, we switched everything to four weeks, because we knew that a lot of people were trying to minimize their number of contacts and their number of trips into the city and things like that," shared Katherine Wagner, Branch Manager.

Beginning May 1st, loan periods are once again returned to their pre-COVID levels, which means three weeks for books, audio books and CDs, two weeks for TV series and popular new books, and one week for movies and video games.

Books can be renewed twice unless a hold has been placed on that title. However, you can't place a hold on one of their 'Popular Picks'.

"It gives a chance for people to come in and grab a book that otherwise would be on a hold list for maybe two years before it actually sees the shelf in the library," she explained.

Learning responsibility starts for some young people, by borrowing library books. While children often get their own library cards when visiting WPL with their classrooms,  Wagner said they always encourage parents to be involved in their child's reading habits.

"We leave it up to parents to decide if they think their child is mature enough for a card or not. They need to be 14 to get a card without a parent's permission," she noted. "There's a lot here for everyone, especially for kids."

Wagner said their book limit has not changed, but with 100 books allowed to be borrowed at a time, not many notice those limits.

"Families with a lot of kids, or home schoolers, definitely will get close to that 100 sometimes."

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