Did you know that the regional park system is unique to Saskatchewan? These parks were developed by volunteers surrounding the park's locations. 

Get ready to explore regional parks this summer throughout the province of Saskatchewan! As an example, Mainprize Regional Park joined the park system in 1994 and is about a 45 minute drive from Weyburn.

The Regional Park Pass Lending Program is back this year, and from May 18th to September 15th, 2023, people with a valid library card can borrow a pass from any Saskatchewan library and take advantage of a seven-day loan period with free access to nearly 100 regional parks across the province.

Deborah Schrempel, Branch Manager at the Weyburn Public Library, said that the Weyburn Public Library has 10 passes available to be borrowed for a week at a time. 

"Last year there were only, I think five park passes available, and because of the QR code feedback for the surveys, we do have 10 available this year. So that feedback is crucial in making sure the program continues."

Mainprize Regional ParkFile photo of Mainprize Regional Park.

Schrempel explained that patrons can return the park passes after the seven days are up, and they are available on a first come, first served basis. 

"You cannot place a hold on them," she clarified. Schrempel also mentioned that the park pass does not cover any of the activities going on in the park, it just covers the park entry.

Patrons will be required to attend the library in person to take out the pass and to return the pass, she said, so that they have them physically in hand.

"Patrons will need a valid library card to check out the park passes. In the event that you don't have a library card, come on down and get one, all you need is a piece of identification with your address on it and we're happy to help you out with that too."

Schrempel added that since the program is still a pilot project, "Saskatchewan Regional Parks and the library ask you to fill out the survey that's available through a QR code that you can access after you've used the pass."

Passes can be borrowed more than once, as per the Saskatchewan Regional Parks website, provided they come in and borrow it according to the program guidelines. 

Park passesPhoto taken by Mallory Cawthra.