A free Saturday evening board game group, 'Game Knight' has recently been started here in Weyburn, and it's open to all ages.

Missionaries Elder Annon Moeller and Elder James Bowen with the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints visited the Discover Weyburn studios yesterday. They shared about the first official Games Night, held Saturday, January 14th.

"It went pretty well," said Bowen. "There was some freezing rain, so a lot of people that we were hoping would come out didn't end up braving the roads, but we still have a few people show up. It was a good time, we played a couple of different games, and had some nice talks."

"We're looking forward to a lot larger turnout this week, and we're very excited," added Moeller. 

They said, being traveling missionaries, they don't have a large variety of board games of their own, but they have some basic card games on hand.

"Bring your favorite board game and we'll play it because we have people willing to play," he noted. "We don't have a whole ton of board games, but the idea is if someone has a board game they love to play, but just never have the people or the time to do it, it's like, this is the time. This is the place. We are the people. Let's do this thing! It's going to be awesome."

Bowen said they can facilitate a wide range of skill levels, with Snakes & Ladders and UNO just for starters. 

"One of the guys we had come last week, and he brought a crate full of games that take like an hour to play, so a little bit harder and more complex, but a lot more strategy involved. We even have like a chalkboard so if we wanted to play Hangman, we could do that." 

"It's very flexible, very easy-going. Nothing too crazy, or complicated," assured Moeller. "We're happy to play whatever and with whoever. We're trying to make this just this like fun, friendly atmosphere where you can just drop in anytime, play a couple of board games, have a good conversation, maybe meet some new people, have a great time, and then go home happy, relax at the end of the night and with some good memories." 

"I think this is a great opportunity to sort of get out and burn some steam, have some fun, and cheer up a little bit after the winter sadness, I mean if you want to bring snacks you want to eat, feel free to bring whatever you'd like, we don't have anything official organized, it's just kind of a potluck sort of situation for snacks."

They said while the event will be held at their church building, it's all about the games and there will be no hidden agendas.

"When we're doing things like service or we're doing things like the board games night, it is all about the board games night. We're not trying to do that bait and switch, because we like to have people feel comfortable, if they come to the board games tonight, they have a lot of fun. If they'd like to learn about Jesus Christ, we'll set up a time else. But board games night, that is for board games." 

The event will be held Saturday nights from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at 425 Tenth Avenue southeast. Find an infographic for the event HERE.