With the news that Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, many people have been giving statements and offering their condolences. 

We took to Facebook to ask our listeners if they have ever had the opportunity to meet or see the Queen. These are some of the responses: 

“I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her but I have been writing the royal family since I was 16 and have received numerous letters back from her staff with her response along with personalized letters from the Queen consort.” Matthea Fedak said.   

Submitted by Matthea FedakSubmitted by Matthea Fedak

“I met the Queen in Melville. She came with the Duke of Edinburg and Prince Edward in July, 1978, for our Railroad (Railway days),” Charmaine Friesen said. “My dad worked for the railroad, as well as most of my uncles and cousins too. I was 7 years old at the time. She shook my Mom’s hand. I remember she was dressed in a mint green outfit and matching hat! She had the biggest smile for me! I thought she was the prettiest lady I’ve ever seen! I’m originally from Melville, born and raised there!”   

“Many people my age will remember the Queen crossing Canada in 1961 on a special train with a platform on the last car ... I lived in Balgonie, the train moved very slowly through town & the Queen stood on the platform waving to everyone who was gathered beside the tracks …"  Lee Parent said. 

“My father-in-law was her and Philip’s personal RCMP chauffeur when they were in Saskatchewan in 1983 taking in some events.” Megan Stroeder said. 

“My husband and I were in London for her 90th birthday celebration. We were able to take in a ton of celebrations around Buckingham Palace through the week leading up to her parade. It was very beautiful and memorable experience. We were able to observe her in the parade along with other royals.” said Tammy Bhimji. 

“I saw her once when she was leaving Buckingham Palace. (Well, I was mainly seeing her car but I was able to get a small glimpse of her). Was visiting UK from Germany (where I live). I think it was in 2004. I always found her quite sympathetic and she was well respected here in Germany. 70 years of reign and 96 years of age is quite impressive. Even my mum has never known another queen/king which sounds unbelievable to me.” Viola Winkels said. 

We also had responses from Mayor Marcel Roy and Souris-Moose Mountain MP, Dr. Robert Kitchen.

Queen Elizabeth II, who was the longest-reigning monarch in British history, died at the age of 96.