As the holiday season comes to a close, things are beginning to quiet down for the Weyburn Salvation Army. 

The holidays are always their busiest time of year and, this year, they are grateful for all the support. 

"We want to thank the community. Weyburn and surrounding communities have come forth, especially right now at Christmas time, when we're doing our biggest fundraising, and have made a difference for us," said Community Ministries Director Ronza Reynard. "I want people to know when they donate to the Weyburn Salvation Army that money stays in Weyburn and it helps us with our programs throughout the year."

She noted that this year they provided a number of programs to help the community. 

"Of course, everybody knows us for the foodbank, because by far that is the biggest thing that we do in our Community ministries," she said. "And so a part of that is not only just hampers for families or individuals, it also includes our summer lunch program and our back-to-school backpack program, which we had a great sponsor for that this year and last year and hopefully that will continue on."

She also noted that the Salvation Army helps send kids to camp over the summer and, of course, they run a lot of Christmas programs.

"With Christmas, we have our Christmas kettles, we have our mailers out, we have Adopt-A-Family, we have a lot of things and we're so thankful for our volunteers, who give us a call and say how can I help this year?"

She also noted that Weyburnites really come together to help out during the holiday season.

"They want to help their neighbours," she said. "Lots of times people get into a situation and they can come to the Salvation Army. We can help them in whatever way that looks like for them, and if we're able to do it, we're more than willing to help each person that comes knocking on our doors."

She also noted that they appreciated all the support from community groups, companies, and organizations over 2022.