The people of Weyburn have been doing a lot of reading, and saving money while doing so.     

Weyburn Public Library Branch saved us $1,381,311 on books in 2021. 

“So, that means that had people purchased all the books that they checked out instead of getting them from the library, that's how much they would have spent,” Katherine Wagner, Branch Manager of Weyburn Public Library said. “It's quite a bit of money and it just goes to show what services we offer to our patrons here.” 

Wagner said that this total amount does not include digital books or online resources.  

“I would say that our books definitely get a lot more use than the average books sitting on someone's bookshelf.” 

A piece of advice from Wagner is to check out a book from the library before buying it to see if it is something you want to own.  

“Some people do like to read books more than once, but you can always check it out from the library first to see if it's something that you want to read more than once.” 

The library is open for 65 hours a week, Monday through Saturday during the fall to spring, and closed on Sundays during the winter.