The provincial government announced Friday morning they are opening up the intake process for the Community Airport Partnership program for the 2024-25 year. The announcement was made this morning at the Weyburn Airport by the Minister of Highways, Lori Carr.  

"Communities have expressed the need for more time to tender crucial projects aimed at enhancing their airports, which play a vital role in providing essential transportation," Carr said. “These collaborative investments continue to lead to important upgrades and maintenance for our local airports.” 

The Weyburn airport received $88,600 from the CAP program this past June. The money was used to improve the apron at the airport, which is where STARS Air Ambulance lands for patient transfers.  

“By supporting the Weyburn Airport through the Community Airport Partnership program, the Government of Saskatchewan is championing community progress,” Weyburn Airport Board Chair and Weyburn City Councillor Mel Van Betuw said.“ This funding enhances local opportunities and enables communities like Weyburn to improve critical infrastructure and improve aviation locally.” 

The announcement for the intake of applications for the grant came with an update on the program review that was held earlier this year. The review resulted in changes to the application dates, allowing a larger window of time for municipalities to complete the work they receive a grant for. The review also prompted recommendations, such as the development of a strategic aviation policy, updating the program selection criteria and updating the funding model.  

The Community Airport Partnership program is designed to help offset the costs of safety-related improvements at community airports. This can include upgrades to runways and taxiways, as well as lighting, security fencing and navigational systems. The projects are evaluated based on how they improve safety, as well as how they can extend the lifecycle of the asset, the airport utilization, economic benefits and partnership opportunities.  

The grants are cost-shared up to a maximum of $275,000. This year, there were 21 community airports that received a total of $850,000 in grants. Since the 2007-08 fiscal year, there have been 43 airports throughout Saskatchewan that have seen improvements. 

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