While the blizzard conditions of yesterday have passed, the weather outside is still frightful, especially if you're concerned about getting frostbite. 

Following yesterday’s blizzard warning, Weyburn is now under an extreme cold warning, with a wind chill of minus 43 this morning and minus 32 this afternoon. 

Sara Hoffman, a Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada cautious us to keep up with the forecast, as most of winter is still ahead. 

“I would always be hesitant to at any point in January to say that this is kind of the end of the bad winter weather because we have, you know, another two months, two and a half months of you know timeframe where we usually see some pretty nasty winter storms or nasty early spring storms.” 

She added that we’ll see cooler than normal temperatures from yesterday’s weather system, and then we'll kind of rebound into a closer to normal temperature range by the end of this week.