The Weyburn Youth Centre has been dealing with incidents involving graffiti at the skate park. 

Pastor Cameron Weber said there are many different opinions on whether or not they should allow graffiti.  

“We talked about it at our board meeting and there are even different opinions on the board, so to try and keep it a neutral place for the kids is our goal.”   

He added now that there is graffiti at the skate park it’s going to cost money to get it removed, and it could make the skate ramps slippery.  

“It’s one of those issues where we are not against graffiti is it’s positive and about good stuff,” Weber said. “But then somebody comes along and sprays over the good stuff and then we get a bigger mess, so it's easier to say no graffiti.”   

Weber said if the police get involved there could be a charge if they find out who is doing it. 

“We've had a couple of anonymous tips, and we've talked to that person, but they denied it.”   

He added if people spray over signs at the skate park it could be a safety issue.