While you have the chance, today will be a good day to batten down the hatches, bring in the patio furniture, and clear away anything that you don’t want to blow around. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a wind warning for Weyburn and the surrounding areas as winds up to 90 kilometres an hour are expected to buffet the region, starting this evening. The winds are expected to last into tomorrow. 

The winds are coming through thanks to a Colorado low, according to Jason Knight with Environment Canada. 

“This is a big Colorado low,” Knight said. “It’s actually tracking through northwestern Ontario, but that’s the sheer size of the system. It’s so large that it’s bringing the extreme winds into southeastern Saskatchewan from that far away.” 

In the release for the warning, Environment Canada said damage to buildings, such as roof shingles and windows, may occur, and loose objects could be tossed around by the wind, which could cause injury or damage. The winds may also cause power outages and knock down tree branches.  

The wind speeds are expected to taper off throughout the day tomorrow.  

Behind the system, dry conditions are in the forecast, with daytime highs getting close to seasonal. Overnight lows, however, will be a little chillier than we have seen over the past few days, dipping close to 0° on a couple of nights.