Backpack drop-off day brought a mix of emotions for students preparing to enter the new school year. Teachers welcomed families into St. Michael School and Assiniboia Park Elementary on Thursday, making introductions and helping children settle in for the next step in their education. Although everyone was focused on preparing for coming back to the classroom, and students were eager to show off their favorite new school supplies, the memories of Summer Break were still fresh in the minds of those able to chat.


At Assiniboia Park Elementary, we caught up with Mr. Butz who shared that he was eager for the school year to start and glad to be back with his students. 

"I learned that I'm getting older, you know, can't ride the bike as far as I'd like to which sometimes makes me a little sad. But I'm looking forward to being back with the kids. They're great, they make me feel young! I'm excited to work with them again in the gym, and to be teaching Math and Science, it's just great to be back."

Some students shared stories from their travels this Summer. One girl's dream was made while attending a concert for her favorite artist during a family holiday.

"I got to see Taylor Swift in Denver," she beamed, "and she played my favorite song, 'You Belong with Me'!"


Although everyone was glad to reminisce, some students were more inclined to discuss what was next to come. This young boy made sure to continue learning throughout Summer and was particularly focused on his next areas of study in the new school year.

"Did you know, on Duolingo, you can learn new languages every day? The hardest language is Chinese, but I learned all about Japanese. I'm looking forward to new sports, new activities, new science, and more!"

We even found some older students entering grade 8 who were willing to share their thoughts before entering the Fall semester. 

"Well, I'm not excited because the work is going to get harder. I wish I could stay in Grade 7. I'm going to work on not getting into trouble though! I got in trouble so many times last year and I regret that, so I'll try to make this a better year."


Mr. Galvin, a grade 6 teacher from St. Michael School shared that after relaxing with family and recuperating from a busy previous year, he is ready to jump back into the classroom. 

"We spent some good time with family up at Lake Huron, got to take my daughter to the beach every day. We actually enjoyed some fireworks there, they pushed the Canada Day celebration back to the August Long Weekend due to fire bans, so that was great. Now I'm just ready to get into the grade 6 classroom. I was in PhysEd for 6 years so getting back into teaching new subjects other than PhysEd will be great, and I'm just looking forward to the challenge."

No matter where students, parents, or teachers may have landed on the spectrum of excitement, the energy in the halls was apparent with flurries of activity and chattering voices all throughout the schools. Students returned to the classrooms this morning, taking their first steps into readjusting to regular schedules and adapting to daily learning opportunities. Discover Weyburn wishes all students and staff a happy and safe Fall semester! 


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