SaskTel and TelCare members in Weyburn and District donated $3,750 to three charities in 2021. 

The charitable organizations that will receive the money are the Weyburn Humane Society, Lung Association of Saskatchewan, and the Kidney Foundation of Canada.  

Nearly $209 thousand was donated province-wide. 

Employees in each district collectively choose which organizations to support. The SaskTel TelCare fund collects donations through a voluntary payroll deduction and matches 50 percent of each donation. 

“The overall amount to this year, province-wide for TelCare contributions is down a bit from last year,” Lindsay Mazenc, External Communications Manager for SaskTel said. “That can be attributed to a couple of things, maybe being a tough year for employees, but also, we've had employees retire.” 

Mazenc said that SaskTel is proud of the TelCare donations again this year. 

“It's important to know that our employees are not just set head office in Regina, they are province-wide and across the 9 districts it’s really great that the employees in those districts can give back to the organizations that are local to them and near and dear to them.” 

There were 648 employees enrolled in support of the fund across the province this past year.