Weyburn Tourism this year saw the addition of a summer student. Teresa Weger was given the title and responsibility of 'Youth Ambassador'.

"Just to be a tourism ambassador and get the ideas from a younger generation, and just to get our youth out there more, to explore our own community, and maybe that will help in regards to the economy and growing the labour shortages, to help fill in those gaps. Maybe they'll be a little bit more excited to be part of that industry," said Monica Osborn, Executive Director with Weyburn Tourism.

She said it's all part of the 'Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown' ongoing campaign, helping to promote the unique businesses and landmarks found only here in Weyburn. 

"Our businesses in town, they're definitely resilient in regards to anything that has been thrown at them in the last few years. There are some businesses that have really succeeded, some people that have just hung on there, but it's coming around and they've stuck through it and it's just been so amazing," she commented.

"This upcoming year, we're hoping that more and more visitors and tourists can come to our city, and what better way for people to get out there is by just exploring your own hometown? That's why we've done the Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown for a number of years. It's just such a great way for our own community to be ambassadors of our community."

"We have such unique businesses and the owners are there to help support our tourism industry."