Two vehicle-related incidents highlighted the past week for the Weyburn Police Service, although the nature of the two calls was very different. 

Last Tuesday, police were called to a residence on the east side of the city after a report of a vehicle missing from their driveway. 

“They last saw it in their driveway early that morning, and noticed it missing later on that afternoon,” explained Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype. He described the vehicle as being a 1997 Jeep Cherokee that was plum, or purplish in colour. The licence plate on the vehicle is 560 BNE. 

Then, last Friday, the WPS were called to the scene of a collision at an intersection in downtown Weyburn involving multiple vehicles. 

“One vehicle went through a red light, struck another vehicle travelling a different direction, and that vehicle went on and clipped another vehicle,” VanDeSype said, adding it was fortunate there were no injuries despite two of the vehicles receiving damage that was significant enough to warrant being towed from the scene.  

The driver who police say went through the light was charged under the Traffic Safety Act for disobeying a red light.  

In all, the Weyburn Police Service responded to 78 calls for service last week. The calls for service resulted in five charges under the Criminal Code and five under the Traffic Safety Act.  

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