To quote an oft-overused meme that always seems to surface in late October, winter is coming.  

With a special weather statement issued by Environment Canada for the southeast, the exceptionally mild fall appears to be coming to a close. A pair of systems will be moving into the region over the course of the week, bringing much colder temperatures and precipitation.  

“The party is over with respect to the fall, I think,” said Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “We really enjoyed a really warm fall up until this point.” 

The first significant snowfall of the season is expected to come in two parts over the course of the week, with the first starting tonight. There will be some rain and snow, with temperatures close to freezing. Lang, though, isn’t expecting much of the snow from the first system to stick around. 

“The ground is still quite warm, but because it’s going to be with rain, I think there’s not going to be much in the way of accumulation,” Lang explained. “But, when people wake up in the morning they shouldn’t be shocked if they see snow on the ground because there will be enough of it that it’ll probably start accumulating.” 

The snow is expected to change to rain tomorrow, with the daytime high remaining above the freezing mark. That will change as the week goes on, as some unseasonably cold air comes into the region starting Wednesday. Lang said she is also expecting the snow associated with the second system to stick around thanks to the cooler temperatures.  

“There’s a little bit of a window here that people can get themselves ready, both physically and psychologically, for what’s about to come.” Some of the things Lang noted that people can do to help get ready, especially for those who have to travel, include getting winter tires on, checking to make sure the vehicle has an emergency kit, and getting the snow brushes for the care out.  

The second system that will come through is also expected to bring more snow than the one expected Tuesday night. With the colder temperatures helping make it possible for snow to accumulate, Lang stated up to ten centimetres by the time it is all said and done isn’t outside the realm of possibility.  

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