Thursday, the finalists for the Hospitality Saskatchewan Tourism Awards were announced. An annual event capped off with a gala in Saskatoon, it recognizes people and businesses who demonstrate commitment to providing excellent hospitality, outstanding attractions and memorable events. This year, Weyburn’s CollabARTive Studios is nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award.  

“We were really excited, and just like, wow,” said co-owner Malia Brackpool. 

“Really surprised, I guess, too,” added her partner Krystal Glowatski.  

Opening in 2022, CollabARTive has focused on a place where people can gather to create art, various artists can have their works displayed for sale, and for people to learn how to create art. The duo have the skills to back it up as well, with Malia winning the 2023 James Weir People’s Choice Award, and Glowatski coming in third.  

“The journey to becoming a finalist is a testament to CollabARTive’s dedication, innovation and commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences,” said a written statement from Weyburn Tourism that was issued on Thursday when the nominations were announced.  

Since they opened their doors, the owners of CollbARTive have worked to try to create something unique in the city, and Glowatski pointed out they have tried their best to work with other businesses in Weyburn to do so. 

“There’s been so many different ways that we’ve crossed paths with other businesses, whether they’re home-based or downtown in the core of the community, I think that really has helped project us as we thought that it was going to, being a part of something bigger than just ourselves.” 

The tourism aspect of the business has seen people from across the region come to Weyburn specifically for their store, and in turn, the pair have done their best to help send those customers and clients to the other independent small businesses in town as a way to help spread the success.  

“We’re listing off all these different places, people are so excited,” Glowatski added. “They’re like, Oh, usually small towns have one or two nice shops. No, Weyburn has a ton of shops and we tell them, and people get really excited about that. I think our willingness to boost up all those around us has helped to create some success for us now too.” 

After 18 months of success, and a prestigious award nomination, what is next for CollabARTive? 

“Pivot’s been a big word,” Brackpool chuckled. “We’ve just had to really think of what our customers want and just make those changes, and we really want to get into more art supplies and that type of thing.” 

The duo will be heading to Prairieland Park in Saskatoon on September 26th for the awards to be handed out, with all of Weyburn cheering them on from home.  

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