The local homeschooling students are hosting a market today from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Knox Hall.

Not only can patrons purchase handmade items for use or as gifts, by doing so they can also encourage the students who are learning all about the real-life processes involved.

Megan Schick, a homeschool parent who is also part of the Wild & Free group here in Weyburn, said, "Every year we have a handmade market for our Wild and Free students to make crafts, baked goods, gifts, toys, art, kind of whatever they're inspired to make that year."

"We encourage the public to come on out and check out what the students have created, find some gifts, maybe for Christmas or for that special person that you're trying to find a gift for."

The timing for the event, which does take place during regular school hours, is intended to make it a good place for some to stop by on their lunch breaks.

“Most people will just use that learning experience as their school. So just like if you were doing a project fair at a public school, you're going to learn so many different skills within that hour, you're going to be learning how to sell, you're going to be marketing your products, you're going to be making change. So you're going to be doing math. And you've spent a lot of man hours outside of academic hours building and creating these products to sell. So it's kind of a final project, I would say, for the homeschoolers, who have been busy creating and making in these next few weeks or have already started,” added Schick.

Admission is free.

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