The Weyburn Agricultural Society's 113th Annual Weyburn Fair Days is coming up July 4th to 10th.

The week kicks off with a three-day Show and Sale event for the local 4-H Clubs, with the midway rides and attractions opening up on July 7th.

Entertainment Director Jeff Clay said they began setting up as soon as the remnants were cleared out from the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show, held in early June.

"We've been in there cleaning the grounds and starting to get everything ready," he shared. "There's always months of prep time for all of these shows, and there's always little things to do, fix this, fix that, get the barn ready for the 4-H show, get the grounds ready for the midway, get the rodeo arena ready for the rodeo. So there's always lots to do."

And, he noted, they always need volunteers.

"So if anybody finds that interests them, if you want to help out with the rodeo or help out with planning some of this stuff, we always welcome new people to the board." 

Last year's event was put together very quickly, once the restrictions were lifted for gathering sizes.

"We legitimately put that show together in two weeks last year and it was amazing. We had people from everywhere, from Moosomin to Moose Jaw, like we had people driving from all over. People just wanted out. It was a great group of volunteers last year and really we just kept it simple."

"We didn't have any added features last year. There was no extra entertainment there, none of that happened. It was just the midway and it was just real simple. But everybody loved it, so I'll give a shout out to all the volunteers that put that one together last year because it was great."

All the favourites will return this year, including Canuck Amusements as the midway providers, the Kids' Tractor Pull, Knockerballs, a Petting Zoo, the Souris River Rodeo, the Rumble in the Ring Demolition Derby, and the Soo Line Cruisers Car Show. 

"They're also going to be putting on a smoke show, to see who can burn off their tires the quickest."

The DQ Kids Rodeo this year will take place later in the day, at 4:30 p.m., following the main rodeo at 1:00 p.m.

"One new event we have coming this year, they're called the Adventure Wranglers, and they have a Reptile Show as well as a, 'Blast from the Past Dinosaur Show'," shared Clay. "They have some animatronic baby dinosaurs, as well as a life sized Velociraptor that gets to roam around, and we're really excited about having these guys coming to town this year. They're going to be there Friday, Saturday, Sunday, with four 45-minute show times each day."

While some want to see the new attractions, others can't wait for the sandbox.

"The sandbox is the biggest attraction for any of the kids that come through the fair," Clay noted. "A & B Concrete donates truckloads of sand every year, and we got some toys we put in there, and it's amazing how many kids just flock to that sandbox. We put it right in front of the Swayze's Saloon. Mom and dad can go sit down and cool off and have a refreshing one, and the kids can go play in the sandbox." 

Speaking of Swayze's Saloon, Moody Hollow will play a show on Saturday night.

And if that's not enough, there's even something for the baseball fans this year. 

"We're going to have some men fastball, as well as the Iron Pigs, are going to play a league game as well on Saturday at 7:30," he invited. "Then we're going to have a men's fastball game going on in the small diamond out there around the same time as well, and that's the Weyburn Renegades I believe."

In addition to that, the Weyburn Curling Club will be running Rocks in the Rings, an on-land curling game. 

"I haven't actually seen it yet, but that's going to be a good one for the kids to play as well and promote the sport of curling. So I think there are rollers in the rocks they use."

Clay said there will be plenty of food vendors, and a complete schedule will be posted soon. 

If you and yours can not wait for the excitement to begin, the Weyburn Agricultural Society will be hosting a movie night on July 1st.

"We're going to try to time that with the fireworks," Clay said. "So we'll find out roughly what time the fireworks are going off, and we'll be showing a movie in the exhibition hall. Finish the movie, head out to the parking lot, watch the fireworks and then head home. You can have a bag of popcorn for the movie and another bag for the fireworks."

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