With the recent snowfall, and many Weyburnites heading out shopping, there were a number of vehicles stuck and having a tough time getting around yesterday. Although many were quick to help those in need, it left the question 'When will this snow get cleared?'

This morning, the City is answering. As soon as possible.

"What we've been doing, we've had graters out on the primary streets," said Kevin Linnen, Superintendent for Public Works. "Also, loaders have been working in trouble spots throughout the city. We have also brought in contractors to help us open up the roads. As well, we will always be following our snow removal policy, so after that, we will continue on to our secondary streets and then to the downtown."

This morning, City crews were out in full force working to clear off the downtown area. However, many have noticed that, in order to clear it all off, they generally create piles of snow in the middle of the road. 

"In some cases, we may need to wind row it in the middle of the streets in order to keep the lanes open and I just don't want people to worry about that because yes we will come back and we will remove them at a later time," he said. "Our big goal is just to make sure that we allow access for the essentials and emergency services and I just would really like to send out a huge shout-out to the public for being patient with us and also for the ones that are also helping too."

He also noted that the work could continue into the weekend and asked that everyone remain patient.

"It would be really nice too if the public could definitely give us the space if you see us and our lights are flashing, please go down another street if you can and just have patience with us," noted Linnen. "We do have some new operators that are in training, so I mean they're stressed. As well, they're trying not to run over anybody, and they're also trying to make sure that they're doing a great job too."

Linnen also asked people to not blot snow onto the street. He noted that it "just makes it so hard for the small cars or any car or lower vehicles just to pass through. And it is also the city bylaw not to do that."