Two people will be charged with shoplifting after video surveillance at a business was able to provide the Weyburn Police Service with the evidence needed.

According to Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype, police prefer business owners and their staff to rely on this form of evidence, or at least a detailed description, rather than for them to confront the suspected thieves.

“A lot of retail stores have surveillance, and that definitely helps, just like gas stations and stuff like that. But any theft by business will be reported to us, and of course we try and get any evidence we can, whether it's just a witness statement or in this case a surveillance video. So good surveillance video definitely helps us. We can identify the individuals or hopefully identify the individuals, and in this case I believe they are successful identifying the individuals and charges are pending.”

He said while some businesses in larger centres hire security officers or theft prevention officers, you never know how violent someone is willing to be.

“If you can, try and get as many details as possible rather than try to stop them, block them, or get into a physical altercation,” VanDeSype advised. “I would recommend just gather as much information as you can regarding them, what was taken, as well as the vehicle, if it's seen, what vehicle they're using to get away. The more evidence we can get, the greater success we'll have.”