Weyburn hasn’t seen much snow yet, but when that changes city crews will be prepared. 

Parks Manager Curtis Block looks after the maintenance of the City Trail system. 

“Well, after a snowfall the Parks Department clears the snow and makes the trails passible. So, there are approximately 8.5 kilometers of trail and it can take typically one to three days depending on the amount of snowfall to remove the snow, and basically the next snowstorm the process starts over.” 

Block says the areas that are included in the snow removal include Signal Hill Trails, Boardwalk Redcoat Trail, the walkway between 1st Ave and Sask Drive, the Walking path along 5th Ave North, the NE Loop, and a newly developed path located near the East Coteau Ave near the Creek development. 

“Typically, we use a skid steer with a snowblower attachment. We'll sometimes use a Rotary broom, brush, or a bucket, depending on the amount of snow and how heavy the snow is”. 

Block is encouraging walkers to wear suitable footwear for snow and ice on walking paths, as icy conditions may exist.