Canada Post is entering into one of its busiest times of the year when more and more people will be looking to send gifts to others this Christmas.

The service has given a few dates as to how late you can send out a package so that it'll arrive by Christmas, with some of those days coming up soon.

How late you can leave the delivery depends on where exactly the package is going, with some dates much sooner than others.

For international shipping, Africa and the Middle East are already too late, however, most destinations will still be open for the next couple of days for priority packages.

Domestic shipping is a bit more lenient, with local, regional, and national shipping open until the 21st, though for packages that aren't a priority you'll likely have to be in earlier.

A spokesperson for Canada Post Valerie Chartrand gives a few tips for sending packages so they get where they're going on time.

"If you're shopping online, be sure to look at the shipping information that each of the retailers is giving you," said Chartrand, "They're giving you good, helpful information on the website. as well, if you're shipping a parcel to your friend or family, be sure you have a complete address on your parcel or your card."

She says that while Canada Post has a lot of work ahead of them, they're also making sure that they're doing the best job possible.

"This is our busiest time of year, and it's also when we're at our best. we want to deliver all those packages in time, and we're shooting to put them under the tree," said Chartrand, "So I think this time of year, for us, we are ready."

Chartrand also reminds everyone to clear the way for their couriers, which means shovelling out any snow that might end up accumulating and potentially causing a slip.