The University of Regina is currently on a tour, travelling to several communities in the province to make their school known to prospective students through UR Days

The tour kicked off in Weyburn on Monday, and Whitecap Resources was able to give a tour of its facility. 

“It came about through the Chamber of Commerce,” said Darcy Cretin, Weyburn area Superintendent of Whitecap Resources. “They made the connections and we had the opportunity to show the folks from UR around.” 

The Weyburn area facility, which is located south of Weyburn, is the largest Carbon Capture and Utilization Storage project in the world. This internationally recognized project has captured over 36 million tonnes of CO2. 

“Anytime we give a tour it's an opportunity to expand on people’s knowledge of what we do here,” said Cretin. “Being that there were a lot of first-time visitors, the carbon capture and utilization piece is new to a lot of people outside of the industry, so it's always good to be able to walk them through, answer questions and fill in any blanks that they may have.” 

He added they hire summer students every year to work in the field and get exposure to the operation. 

“This year we have seven students. Our criteria are they're from Weyburn, and they are enrolled in engineering or any of the geosciences or related technologies. We don't specify which school they go to, but we're looking more for Weyburn-based students that can take advantage of coming home for the summer and working in their own backyard.” 

You can find out more about Whitecap Resources here.

Darcy Cretin

Whitecap Resources