A website devoted to encouraging people to move to Weyburn... the 'Why Not Weyburn?' campaign began attracting inquiries within 24 hours of launching last week.

This according to Executive Director of Weyburn Economic Development, Larry Heggs. 

"We've been getting huge response," he said. "Actually, we're getting multiple enquiries every day regarding it, and just a real good split between people seeking employment in general, or looking for a place to retire." 

Heggs said this is due to the fact that Weyburn has so many amenities, and affordable housing. 

"Whether that be from rental or purchase or even to build, we've got great opportunities," he shared. "When people reach out and actually phone the office, and have a discussion about what they've seen on the website, is just amazing some of the numbers that they're giving me on what it's costing them to live where they live, in, you know, the interior of BC or whatever. And as a retired couple, they'll say, 'you know it's time we got to do something and sounds like you guys are welcoming'." 

"There's so many great things to do here. We've got so many great amenities and it's just there's so much potential. Whether that be like for youth or for somebody who wants to retire in a nice community. It's got all the shopping and everything you could ever want, right here locally, and there's just so many opportunities for people it's a great place and people are seeing that right away," he noted. "We're open for business and we're open for people in general."

Heggs said Weyburn is centrally located enough for some who said they've got kids on either end of the country, and housing is affordable even to those who work from home. 

"It started out as an initiative to just sort of see what was out there and to maybe grow the community, but the amount of the fantastic response that we've had of inquiries is was more than we expected, for sure."

And while Weyburn has already been named 'best place to live' in a few publications over recent years, Heggs said the algorithms in place on social media will help make Weyburn a visible option for those who may be seeking a better place to live. 

As the video on the main page says, "At the end of the day, you don't just want a home. You want a life." 

Find it HERE.