Theresa Istace and Marie Marcotte were fundraising yesterday for the Wheatland Senior Centre. They are back out there again today, this time at the Wholesale Club.

"We need a lot of repairs, and we have to raise money to be able to afford it and in order to keep the doors open," aaid Theresa Istace, who's on the Wheatland Senior Centre Board.

But just how badly do they need the repairs?

"Right now, we're in an urgent need of three air conditioners and they're over $7000 apiece, and we haven't got an air conditioner working. So, we're working at that, and we need a lot of other things: infrastructure, wiring and stuff like that, we have got some grants out."

Not having a working air conditioner causes big issues in the summertime. The ladies have had community support and some grants, but there's more needed to get everything done.

"People have been very, very good to us and people have been donating, but we're trying to sell as many tickets as possible so that we can make enough money to be able to afford this and our prize money is very good. We have first prize of $800, then $300 and $300, and then we also have a whole bunch of gift cards."

Tickets are 1 for $2, 3 for $5 or a book of 12 for $20. The draw will be made on March 15th, and they will wrap up sales around March 13th. They're at the Wholesale Club until about 5:00 p.m. today.


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