Weyburn is covered in snow once again, as southeastern Saskatchewan faces a blizzard warning.  

Environment Canada said that the conditions will quickly develop Wednesday morning, and will gradually ease through the overnight hours. Snow and blowing snow is expected to continue throughout the day Thursday. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist Kayla Bilous said that we will see blowing snow, reducing visibility. 

"For today we could see 10-15 centimeters and northerly winds of 40 kilometers an hour gusting up to 60, so with that, we'll see low visibility and blowing snow, hence the blizzard warning that is out for the area right now." 

She said that people should stock up on water, food, and prescriptions.  

“So ideally people will be prepared to be dealing with a power outage or isolation as road access is reduced or completely shot.” said Bilous. “The 72 Hour Campaign that Public Safety Canada has been pushing for several years now would apply here since we are expecting this storm to last for three, or three and a half days.” 

The campaign encourages Canadians to be prepared to cope on their own for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency. This allows first responders to focus on those in urgent need. 

Bilous added that it is a good idea to have an emergency kit. 

“The emergency kit should include things like water, non-perishable items, medications. So, if you're about to run out of your prescription medication, now would be a good time for people to fill that up.” 

Bilous said that we're seeing about the same amount of snow that most of Manitoba is seeing. 

More snow is expected on Sunday, but it won't be part of the same system and isn't expected to be significant.