Looking for a way to stay active this winter season? Why not try winter running? Although daunting for some, there are many ways to get started and have some fun.

Trevor Tessier, Director of Primary Health Care with the Saskatchewan Health Authority for the Weyburn and surrounding area, said that "a big supporter in Weyburn to get people out and active is the Weyburn Run Club." 

"It's a Facebook group that anyone can join, and there's routine sessions throughout the week to go running such as Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and also Thursday evening." 

Tessier said that the Club welcomes all levels of fitness and they run different distances as well, from five kilometers to 21 kilometers, with tons of flexibility.

Weyburn Run ClubWeyburn Run Club.

He said that having an experienced group to run with, who are supportive and knowledgeable about running gear, is a key component in staying motivated all winter long. He said the biggest thing is just getting out there, even if that means starting out with walking.

As for running gear, Tessier has a few recommendations.

"...keeping your body warm first, so a base layer is important, so having long underwear and a long shirt underneath, and then a hoodie and something to protect the wind if it is windy out. So, two layers on the legs, a pair of sweats and a base layer underneath, and then on your top have a base layer, maybe a hoodie and then something to protect the wind and then just having a toque and something around your nose which would be important just to keep warm."

Tessier said that because winter running involves running on uneven surfaces, it improves muscle strength, as opposed to just running on the road. Your heart rate will elevate quicker, so it can be more of an endurance exercise than a summer run would be, and it's beneficial to be in a group to help inspire your fitness. 

As for what to wear on your feet, he said that trail running footwear has good grip and works well in the snow, and on icier days, crampons, (which have little spikes), help with gripping the ice when it does get icy.

He wanted to give a special shout-out to the City of Weyburn for doing a good job of keeping the running paths clear, which makes it a lot easier to get out and get running.