With the snow falling and wind howling throughout the weekend, it gave Weyburnites their first dose of winter conditions. 

The Ministry of Highways was advising motorists not to travel on most highways throughout the province yesterday and several highways closed. 

Even though those restrictions have since been lifted, the weather is not expected to clear up any time soon.

"We are expecting another weather system to come in, looks like afternoon time on Monday and that does look to be bringing a decent amount of snow with it," said Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang. "It's probably going to be a couple-day affair with that system. There might be some lulls in the snow but it's probably going to last Tuesday through Wednesday."

That doesn't mean smooth sailing for later in the week though.

"This should start to taper off Wednesday through Thursday morning and then we are going to see the temperature take a dive into some of the coldest temperatures that we have seen so far this season," she noted. "We likely won't see much snow with that just because with the arctic air we generally don't get a lot of snow with it."

Lang also noted that it will be difficult to predict how much snow will fall, thanks to the wind.

"It's going to vary quite a bit around the southeast and of course with the winds blowing it will make it hard to figure out how much snow actually fell."

As weather conditions change, so will highway conditions. Follow along with current conditions on our Road Report Link.