A woman is facing charges of vehicle theft and mischief to property after breaking into a vehicle.  

Last week, Weyburn Police responded to a call involving a suspicious person gaining access to a vehicle located outside of a business. The woman was found to have caused damage to the vehicle in an effort to start it and drive off. 

Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype said she didn’t manage to get very far. 

“They weren't successful in getting the vehicle to move prior to the police arriving and taking her into custody.” 

The woman was arrested and released, with an upcoming court date.  

VanDeSype said if you’re ever in a situation where someone has broken into your vehicle, calling the police is your best option. 

“You never know what's going through a person’s head, or what their state of mind is. Definitely don't confront them yourself.” 

As for keeping your vehicle safe, VanDeSype said keeping your doors locked, and locking up valuables is very important.