When the Weyburn Police Service finds someone breaching their conditions, they hold them in custody until they appear in court. 

"We had a very busy week. The members were out doing everything they need to be doing and they did find some adult males reaching their conditions and they're on some pretty serious charges, so they were held in custody to appear in court [Tuesday]," said Sergeant Shane Saint John.

Conditions included things like having no weapons, and staying home.

"The one person that was found to have weapon dangerous to public, multiple knives, he was out past curfew, so he was held for court. Another one was on a CSO, community sentence order, so that's doing jail time in the community. He was found to be using drugs and alcohol so he was breached on that and held. He appears again on Thursday, and another subject was found breaching his conditions, and he had some serious conditions. He had curfew and he was found breaching his curfew, so he was held for court.”