The Weyburn Police Service has a timely reminder for spring, as more people are outside walking their dogs: Keep your dog on a leash, and make sure to pick up its doody. 

“Under the bylaw, we do state that you have to have your dog on a leash,” said Corporal Riley Ross. “As a dog owner, you have a responsibility to keep your animal within your yard, and if it does happen to get out, there is a potential that you could be charged under the city of Weyburn bylaw for a dog at large.” 

He added that not only could you get a ticket for a dog running loose, but there is also the potential for a ticket if you leave their "business" on someone's lawn. 

“If we do happen to get a complaint in regards to a dog doing its business on public property, we would go by way of getting a statement from the complainant in order to lay a charge under the city bylaw.” 

When it comes to private property, the dog owner would need permission from the property owner in order to have their dog run off-leash on that property. 

Ross would like to remind dog owners about the dog park here in Weyburn, where they are allowed to let their dogs run free. He added that it is always a good idea to plan ahead when going for a walk or to the park, and to bring along small plastic doggy doody bags. 


-With files from Marna McManus