In addition to the Weyburn Police Service’s 66 calls for service last week, many drivers found themselves needing assistance as they were stuck in the severe winter storm conditions.  

Weyburn Police Chief Jamie Blunden said that Corporal Riley Doud and his platoon were able to go above and beyond for one of these drivers, who was stuck on 1st Avenue northwest. 

“We had an individual who was stuck because of the weather and he didn’t have any place to go,” said Blunden. “He was homeless, and was using a vehicle belonging to a friend of his. Our members went down and tried to get him unstuck, but unfortunately weren’t able to get him unstuck because of the road conditions, but they were able to find lodging for him at his brother’s house and make sure he was safe.” 

Blunden said that everyone in the community was trying to help each other out, and that it was a good community effort. 

“We know a lot of neighbors were helping each other out, and pulling each other.” 

He added that the driver was able to get the vehicle back at a later date.