The Weyburn Police Service responded to 83 calls for service last week, resulting in 31 charges. 

Most of last week’s charges resulted from traffic-related offences. 

“You never know what kind of week you're going to have,” said Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype. “There were more charges this past week on the traffic side of things.”   

A total of 21 charges were issued for traffic violations including 11 for speeding, four related to vehicle registration or licenses, one for using a cell phone while driving, and one for driving impaired.  

The impaired driving charge involved Weyburn Police Service Officers helping a Saskatchewan Highway Patrol Officer with a traffic stop.  

“There were no hi-vis traffic stops or anything like that during the week,” said VanDeSype. “This would just be the guys out on patrol and if they see things, they make a stop and if it's warranted to write a ticket then in many cases there's a ticket or possibly a warning.” 

He added drivers must be aware, and even if they are driving cautiously, other drivers may not be.